Academy Camps

General Information

Due to ongoing Covid-19 restrictions, we are still unable to offer a traditional season of play.  As such, we will continue with our camp sessions to build on individual player skills, ball-handling mastery and confidence on the field for when we can return to regular play.

To comply with all local, county and state Covid-19 guidelines, there are some restrictions that limit the number of participants in each camp session.

  • The same 14 players must remain together for the entirety of the camp session
  • We are limited by the number of coaches/players that can be on the field at the same time
  • We must have a minimum of 8 players per group

For these reasons, space will be limited, and camp times are different for each age group.

Our camps will continue to provide for physical well-being as well as social and emotional well-being as we program our activity.  Our staff will incorporate skill development and training activities alongside socially distanced playground-type games to provide emotionally regenerative sessions.  As our staff understands, we'll always be soccer coaches but our ability to provide development beyond soccer is particularly valuable as we coach the whole person.

There is a one-time Membership registration fee of $50.00 that must be completed and paid to participate in an Academy Camp.  If you have previously completed a Membership registration, you need not complete again and can go straight to the Academy Camp Registration link.

SSJYSL Academy/Competitive Membership

Academy Camp Registration:

Registration is currently closed.  Please check back for our next camp offering!


For questions about our Academy Camps, please contact our Academy Director, Mark Landefeld at